About Me

A long time ago, I told my Dad I would be famous; get married to him and sing for a living.

Fast-forward 30+ years, and I am neither of any.......... I learnt that I cannot get married to my Dad; I would suck as a professional singer. And for some years living in Lagos, I was only famous on my street, where I was known as Mr. Sam’s wife.

Quite humbling.

In the words of Beyonce, I am a GROWN woman, but I don’t do whatever I like. I like to think I am a hybrid of traditional and modern woman, - ensuring the home front is running smoothly with the kids, as well as pursuing a professional career. All these while remaining an avid follower of God.

I believe that we have to seize the moment, embrace the challenges, love hard, play hard, and do good. Not only to those who can reciprocate, but especially to those who cannot.

So, you will find me embracing the world, empathizing A LOT with people, and pushing for practical and moral living that transcends race or religion.

And hoping for the fame that would come one day… maybe with this blog.

After all, a little girl can dream no???


  1. Very nice. Welcome to Blogaria.

  2. This is so amazing. I am going to be coming over here daily to read any of your write up. I enjoy reading your notes. God bless you because you sure do know how to get someone inspired for the best.

  3. ...YOU are so full of surprises. Really amazing, God bless you Mrs SAM for being a source of inspiration to this generation.

  4. "Now that i am on your blog"
    I wont only read but also share your articles so people around me can get inspired with your exemplary lifestyle. then maybe one day, when you are famous, each and every reader will get a chance to meet the exceptionally brilliant, non-partisan career woman and of course wife of the gentle Mr. SAM.

  5. "Suck as a professional singer".No way! I don't agree.
    I'll keep a date with this blog.
    Really nice one... More power to your elbow.

  6. Oyekunle Oluwatobiloba EmmanuelAugust 22, 2014 at 10:13 AM

    Whaoo!!!!; this is awesome and interesting. I will surely subscribe to this blog....

    NOTE*** The difference btw SUCCESS and FAILURE is TARGET...

    Cos' i know that a negative mind will never give you a positive life.

  7. LOL...@Mr. Sam's wife...very humorous


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