Thursday, March 29, 2018

The. Proposal

Marry me. I am lost without you.

She had known him forever. Hard to actually pinpoint the first time their paths crossed. It felt like he was a permanent fixture in her life.  

Was it high school? Or maybe even before then. 

She does remember him being a friend in College. He would come over a couple of times in the month. They would go see a movie, go bowling, help each other out with school stuff if needed.
She always joked he was a secretary in his former life. He could type up her term papers so fast. She could help with the right phrases and illustration.

Weird but now that she thinks about how she got to this moment, it hit her. She really didn't have any serious relationship then and now. Sure there was the occasional boyfriend but she got tired of them easily. Never moved in with anyone. Never lasted for more than a few months. 

He teased her about it. Called her ''Her-Solo". A ode to her obsession with all things Star Wars.

They graduated and got jobs. She working in a marketing firm, him in an engineering firm. He went offshore for months at a time. So he was not really around much. But he kept in touch. Always came to see her when he was on furlough. 

She would prepare his fav- noodles and fried eggs. He would praise her cooking to the high heavens and she would smile. 

In some ways- she felt he was her brother. Not older.  Not younger. Just some comfortable in between.

Weird how his relationships didn't last as  well. He almost got married once. But if didn't work out. He didn't seem to broken about it. So she didn't ask too many questions.

Life was truly simple.

They found a bowling alley and enjoyed it so much. As expected he was terrible at it. She was a natural. They hung out after work few times a month. Shared a meal. Few drinks.

She wanted to do something different for his birthday. She bought tickets to see a basketball game. Didn't matter who was playing. She got few mutual friends to join them. And off they went.
It was half time. And someone had gone to get the customary over priced hot dogs and drinks. 

He was a bit pensive. She could sense it so she tried to make him laugh. Pulling funny faces. Peek a boo under the benches.
She went under the benches and his head hit hers slightly. Ouch.

I am so sorry. I suck at this!

What? Suck at What?

He just looked at her. She couldn't place the look. He gave her a piece of paper. It had words and illustrations on it. Like what she would have drawn. It was simple.

I love you. For as long as I can remember.
You complete me. You fulfil me.
You inspire me. You motivate me.
You encourage me. You reassure me.
I cannot imagine my life without you.
Marry me.

She was stunned. Her eyes filled with tears. He was still. Holding his breath for her answer.

I cannot convert.  

I am not asking you too.

I don't want to relocate. 

Neither do I

Our families.......

Will have to accept it

The ceremony...

Can be non Faith.

Our kids.......

Let's have 5!

Very funny! I meant......

I know what you meant. Isn't it premature to discuss now?

Is it? 

Ok. Yours.


Yes. You are more devout anyway.




I am thinking. 

Of What?

What are the odds? An Arab Christian and an African Muslim.

We will be happy together. I promise you.


Yes What?

Yes. You dummy.

He reached for her. and held her tight. She said the words, she knew he needed to hear them. 

I love you. Always have. Always will.

I love you. Never stopped. Never will.

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