Thursday, August 3, 2017

To help or not to help.. that is the question.

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So, as anyone with kids know, at some point in life, you lose ownership of the TV. And you get to watch and actually enjoy these animated movies.
There is one I actually enjoy because it teaches kids to spell - Its Called Word World. The animal characters put letters together to form words, and then the word morphs into the object. Pretty cool. And of course, there is always a moral of the story. Which I generally think makes sense.

Except one episode which left me a bit unsettled.... It was an episode about Halloween.
And no, it is not about whether we should celebrate it or not.... it is about the animal called Sheep and her ability to give. So sit tight.... and listen to the story.

Sheep, who is a kind hearted creature is preparing for the talk of the town Halloween party. Sheep is well known for having the best costumes, and this year is no different. Sheep has already planned what she is going to create as her costume - she wants to be a Fairy! Sheep plans to use her letters to create a pair of wings, a crown, and some pixie dust to help her fly.

Sheep gets a-talking with Goldfish, who has no clue what to wear for the party. Goldfish wishes out loud that she has the pixie dust, so Sheep, ever so kind hearted uses her pixie dust to create a wonderful costume for Goldfish. Ta-da! Goldfish is now a spooooky witch, complete with the hat and the broom. Goldfish says a million thanks! and Sheep responds - You're welcome Fish,  Happy Halloween.

Knock Knock - Bear is at the door. Bear is going as a Fairy princess and has the lovely pink princess ball gown, but no crown!!!! How on earth can she go without a crown? Her outfit will never be complete. But look! Sheep has the perfect crown, and she wishes she had the crown too. Cue in Sheep - she offers her crown to Bear. Bear is happy and thankful, and Sheep says - You're welcome Bear! Happy Halloween.

What is left for Sheep is the pair of wings, she attaches them to her body and just before she can admire her work, she hears uncontrollable sobbing outside her window. She rushes out to see Duck slumped on the ground, crying hysterically - you guessed it - he needs a pair of wings to complete his outfit.

Sheep tries to reason with Duck - but you already have wings,.. but Duck responds...but oh no, they are not as shiny as yours Sheep. Please can I have yours? Please please please? 

Aww, who can resist the big eyes of teary Duck? Sheep pulls off her wings, gives to Duck who is soooooo thankful. Sheep responds her usual - You're welcome Duck! Happy Halloween! 

So here is Sheep... with all good intentions and no outfit. Nothing. Did I forget to mention that as soon as the other animals got their outfits, they rushed to the party.

Fast forward to the party, and the animals are admiring their outfits. Everyone is so pretty and decked up. But where is Sheep? She sneaks in 'sheepishly' and everyone is surprised she is not dressed.

Where is your outfit Sheep? We cannot wait to see it - you know you always have the best outfits for Halloween?!  Sheep in her quiet voice then explains how she gave all her pieces away, so she has nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Before I complete the story, let's pause for a second.

Why are we like that? We see someone that can help and just take. take. take. take until we suck the person dry. We ask and we ask and we ask. And even if the person is not able to give, we do not want to take NO for an answer. What is the matter with this one we say - because I am even asking for help. I do not blame you. Who then is to blame?

And why are we like that? We think we have been sent to solve all the earth's problems and we give. give. give. give, until there is nothing left to give. We never spend time or money for ourselves or sometimes for those closest to us but carry the weight of the outside world on our shoulders. At the end, we are broken and tired. and when someone who truly needs it comes along, we may not be in the position or frame of mind to give.

There should be a balance. I personally think Sheep at some point should have stopped giving. I don't know, maybe after she gave the crown to Bear. After All, these guys ALREADY had costumes.

I guess the spiritual angle will be ' it is more blessed to give than to receive' . But the good book also says - Love your neighbour AS yourself'. Not more than. Not less than.

I wish the story did not have a happy ending, but as most cartoons go - it does.

The friends were all sad that Sheep was so selfless and gave her costume out. So they had an idea! They came together, donated the right letters to build the word DUST (pixie). They sprinkled it on Sheep, who got her Fairy costume, complete with the crown, wings and the ability to fly. And when Sheep said her thanks to her friends - they chorused - You're welcome Sheep! Happy Halloween'.

WAWU......................................that only happens in cartoons abeg.

                                                      THE END.


  1. What will Jesus do in such situation "give give and give" but we humans we plan and give.
    There come giving with limit.


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