Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Vacation Musings.... Wings that make a woman fly

I am a sucker for love. Love stories. Romance. Happy ever after endings. You name it, I am in.
I even cry when people tell me THEY are pregnant. See me see wahala.

So much for a chick that 'used to form hardness'. 

Now I have been all manner of feels for various reasons. - The #breaktheinternet engagement news of two Nigerian celebrities as well as the warm words from a friend as she celebrated her 9th wedding anniversary with her #hubbyoflife.

In her post - she said something about the hubby giving her wings that enabled her fly, and I have just been mushy ever since. How powerful and sexy to have a partner who supports you 100% and enables you to be the best and even beyond what you can be. Its sinfully sexy, like decadent chocolate ice cream. 

In a world where everywhere you turn, you read about infidelity, domestic violence, anti-feminism, and any other -ism one can think of, I find it so refreshing to read or hear about marriages that make it... like truly truly MAKE IT.  

I am not the type to elaborate, Afterall, I have only been married  6 years. One can say #theBoss and I are still in the honeymoon stage of marriage.  So I am not going to end with advice of any kind. 

But will say this though. A wise man (who incidentally was our counselling Pastor K) once said: 

'Marriage is work, where each person brings 100% and not 50/50'.

Still. The. Best. Advice. Ever. 

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