Thursday, August 3, 2017

To help or not to help.. that is the question.

Welcome to a place... where Words Come Alive!
So, as anyone with kids know, at some point in life, you lose ownership of the TV. And you get to watch and actually enjoy these animated movies.
There is one I actually enjoy because it teaches kids to spell - Its Called Word World. The animal characters put letters together to form words, and then the word morphs into the object. Pretty cool. And of course, there is always a moral of the story. Which I generally think makes sense.

Except one episode which left me a bit unsettled.... It was an episode about Halloween.
And no, it is not about whether we should celebrate it or not.... it is about the animal called Sheep and her ability to give. So sit tight.... and listen to the story.

Sheep, who is a kind hearted creature is preparing for the talk of the town Halloween party. Sheep is well known for having the best costumes, and this year is no different. Sheep has already planned what she is going to create as her costume - she wants to be a Fairy! Sheep plans to use her letters to create a pair of wings, a crown, and some pixie dust to help her fly.

Sheep gets a-talking with Goldfish, who has no clue what to wear for the party. Goldfish wishes out loud that she has the pixie dust, so Sheep, ever so kind hearted uses her pixie dust to create a wonderful costume for Goldfish. Ta-da! Goldfish is now a spooooky witch, complete with the hat and the broom. Goldfish says a million thanks! and Sheep responds - You're welcome Fish,  Happy Halloween.

Knock Knock - Bear is at the door. Bear is going as a Fairy princess and has the lovely pink princess ball gown, but no crown!!!! How on earth can she go without a crown? Her outfit will never be complete. But look! Sheep has the perfect crown, and she wishes she had the crown too. Cue in Sheep - she offers her crown to Bear. Bear is happy and thankful, and Sheep says - You're welcome Bear! Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The. Surprise

Hi. There is a gentleman to see you at the lobby; said the receptionist.

Very strange. I typically do not have visitors just show up at the office. Usually they would call, or book an appointment.

I craned my neck to see if my assistant was nearby, so I could ask her to go badge the 'gentleman' in, but alas, she had gone out for lunch and would not be back until lunchtime was over.  Some people grab a quick sandwich at their desk, others go downstairs to the cafeteria for a quick bite, but not my assistant. She always goes out for lunch, no matter how tight her schedule is. As she says - it is the one hour I truly have to myself, and I am going to enjoy every bit of it.

I envy her. I am typically the type that schedules meetings over lunch time, or use that 30-45 minutes to catch up on my emails.  As you can imagine, I end up munching on some unhealthy snacks, drinking copious amounts of coffee and caffeinated drinks to power on through the day.
I know, I know, it is not the right way to live. I have promised myself that I will start doing something healthier next month. Wait.... did I say that last month as well?

Now, back to the visitor at the reception. Who on earth could it be? Typically the people that show up unannounced fall into the following categories:-

#1: Old acquaintances looking to catch up ... They usually start with 'I heard you are now working here, so I decided to just drop in to say hello.... Usually harmless

#2: Long lost and usually distant relatives. They usually start with ' I saw you in the newspaper and I could not believe it that you are here. Your mom (or dad) would be so proud of what you have achieved. Come, let me pray for you.

#3: The job seekers: Ma, please help me, I need a job and I am believing that you can help me.

#4: The marketers/suppliers: I have a new show/program/print magazine/ that I would want you and your company to sponsor. If I can have a moment of your time....

#5: The askers who desperately need financial help. With chilling stories of neglect, suffering, and impoverishment.

#6 The scammers.  Who come talking a big game of investments that quadruple in a second and show you multiple proof of how it makes sense to invest in this scheme, or this Garden property or this transport or farming business.

In any case, there is only one way to find out. I drag my eyes of my computer screen and make my way down to the lobby. I fiddle with my phone in the elevator, as everyone does, usually to avoid eye contact and small talk.  I am very comfortable in silence, and I wonder why some people feel they have to always fill it with meaningless chatter - and it is usually about the weather. Oh the forecast said it is going to be sunny all week.  Oh really! What an absolute surprise! Yawnnnnn.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Vacation Musings.... Wings that make a woman fly

I am a sucker for love. Love stories. Romance. Happy ever after endings. You name it, I am in.
I even cry when people tell me THEY are pregnant. See me see wahala.

So much for a chick that 'used to form hardness'. 

Now I have been all manner of feels for various reasons. - The #breaktheinternet engagement news of two Nigerian celebrities as well as the warm words from a friend as she celebrated her 9th wedding anniversary with her #hubbyoflife.

In her post - she said something about the hubby giving her wings that enabled her fly, and I have just been mushy ever since. How powerful and sexy to have a partner who supports you 100% and enables you to be the best and even beyond what you can be. Its sinfully sexy, like decadent chocolate ice cream. 

In a world where everywhere you turn, you read about infidelity, domestic violence, anti-feminism, and any other -ism one can think of, I find it so refreshing to read or hear about marriages that make it... like truly truly MAKE IT.  

I am not the type to elaborate, Afterall, I have only been married  6 years. One can say #theBoss and I are still in the honeymoon stage of marriage.  So I am not going to end with advice of any kind. 

But will say this though. A wise man (who incidentally was our counselling Pastor K) once said: 

'Marriage is work, where each person brings 100% and not 50/50'.

Still. The. Best. Advice. Ever. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom, on her Birthday, April 21st, 2015. 

I once read a post about the 13 stages of grief.  The stages from when someone dies, on to the funeral, the first sighting of the burial poster, the digging of the grave, and on and on, to the 13th stage when it is the one year anniversary.

While poignant and apt, I think there are maybe some stages missing.

The stage of grief when it is Mothers Day, and you truly realise that you have no mother to call and wish Happy Mothers Day.

The stage of grief when it is the wedding anniversary, and you do not know whether to wish your Dad a happy anniversary when his partner of 47 years is no more.

The stage of grief when it is the person's birthday and once again, you are faced with the struggle on how to approach it. Do we wish on social media a posthumous birthday celebration, knowing fully well facebook will bring it up year after year in the memories tag and it breaks your heart every time?

Do you call the family members and have a collective cry, reminiscing about the good times?

Do you celebrate a life well spent, with seemingly innocuous platitudes like 'continue to rest in peace mom, or rest till we part no more or better yet  see you at the resurrection! ?

Or do you wallow in the ever present, ever lurking grief that threatens to consume everything and anything in its path?

I guess grief has no stages and no number. Because we carry it with us. For ever.

Happy birthday Mom aka Momma aka A.U Double aka Mamalooooo.

I miss you. I love you. And I wish you were here.

OK, time to go cry a bit.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017....

Happy New Year 2017.
Indeed, I promised to resume blogging in 2017, Last year, I did a post about thanking all those who have helped me over the years. And reading it this morning, I wondered why I used initials as opposed to writing out the full names of those who helped me. What was I thinking? Well, I went back to write out all the names. Felt good doing it. So once again to the people mentioned and many many more - thank you so much for impacting my life.

 2 Big things happened to my family in 2016 - we said goodbye to my one-of-a- kind Mom, and we said hello to a new adventure in Trumpland.  All in a space of  four months.
I am still reeling from the shock of the first and the excitement of the second. very difficult to separate them. Maybe in subsequent posts I would explore both of them in detail.

But until then permit me to wish you a wonderful 2017. May you have love, light and happiness.


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