Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016 !!!

Happy new year!!! It's gonna be 2016 in a few hours!!! Can you believe it? 2016!!!! It's like 4 years to 2020... How time flies. How time flies.

Of course I am so grateful to God for his blessings. Especially for Ryan aka The Orobostic Oroboski. And of course The Bunga. And the Boss (the hubby, not the office boss ooo)  And the Dad. And the Mom. And the sisters. And the brothers. And the in laws.  And the choir. And friends from work. And friends from church. And friends from neither work nor church....And... The list is endless. 

That's a thought. What if I use this opportunity to thank people (other than family) who has helped me become the woman I am today? I am sure it will be a long list... but it just may take me to midnight so I can literally say I was awake into the new year.

Ok... without further goes:

1) Uwa and Eghosasere- my seats mates in Emotan primary school for all the fond memories of childhood.

2) Ena-first and best friend in secondary school. Thank you.

3) Cynthia Ovuede, nee Amaize - thank you. For sticking by me. Drawing me out of my shell. You are probably the only one that can concur when I tell people I was a very shy and quiet person growing up. At a point we felt we were the only ones at home and everyone we knew 'got admission' into University.  I wanted to wallow in some self pity, but you were having none of that. You dragged my reluctant ass to Jamb lessons. You tried to give me a social life by inviting me to your house all the time. Thank you.
And many thanks to your dad. For believing in me all the time. I remember how I tagged along with you and him to Uniben and we discovered our names had 'come out' in the -only-God-knows-which-batch'list.

4) Sunny Okpodu. My sister's colleague who was instrumental in my admission into University.  Thank you.

5) My lesson teachers - sadly I cannot remember their names. They  started the love for Mathematics and for Chemistry. Special recognition to my maths teacher in Rivers State College of Arts and Science, where I went for my A levels (as I waited for Jamb). You were an amazing teacher who demystified Further Maths, and helped me to a flying start in University. Thank you.  

6) My Uniben #CrewforLife: Rachael Ofuya, nee Molokwu and Efosa Elahor. I remember the accident. And not being able to move around much when I came back to school.  I remember R.O doing all the chores, including lugging water up the stairs for both of us. I remember E.E tutoring me so I could catch up after missing so many critical weeks. I have never seen such selfless people. Thank you.

7) The good Samaritans post the accident. Benin - Lagos road. Top speed. Burst tire. Driver stepped on the brakes. I was sitting in front.  No seat belt. Car somersaults. I hit my head somewhere.  Long gash. Blood pouring. You know how you sometimes drive past an accident,  with the wounded on the side of the road; and you shake your head in sympathy?? Please don't. Stop and see if you can help. A guy driving a bus stopped, and whisked us away bleeding and all to a hospital some minutes away. Those were the days before social media or mobile phones. So I can't even remember the location. Thank you. And thank you to the doctors and nurses on duty. I didn't know then but the Doctor did a great job suturing my head. 20 stitches. On a lighter note, I was bald for an entire year. So if you ever have a bad hair day... just smile.

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