Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Hello Everybody, How do you do? This is a message from me to you. 
Seriously if you were not born earlier than 1980, you probably would not know that song. Instead you will immediately get the blog title, especially when I say -Hello.. how are you? I hope that you are well. 
So, to the burning question:- what made me disappear from the 'blogsphere' for an entire year? It is really a mixture of everything........... 

First, my payment for the domain expired and I did not set those alarm thingys  where it bills you automatically...and then one of them domain sharks paid for the domain name ( - and wanted to resell it for $100!! 

Abegi, I be Linda Ikeji? Do I look like the blog bought me a house in Banana Island? (long drawn hiss). Blog that I write as a hobby, you now want me to pay for it? So we decided to wait it out until the guy tire. By we,  I mean myself and KM (my unpaid but overworked friend who set up the blog). 

The guy finally gave up some months ago, so I have reclaimed my domain name!!! Join me in saying hurray for victory! hurray!! - By the way, that was taken from another old movie. 

Second, - I got additional responsibilities at work, and just massively got crazy busy. My scope expanded to cover both Brand as well as Commercial functions. All in the month of November. That in itself was tough. Very tough. VERY VERY VERY tough. In fact it was the toughest year of my career. So many times I was tempted to give up, but then I remember the blog is not making money yet... so I dug my heels in even harder!!

Third- I became pregnant. So, here I am with a hectic new role, add to that pregnancy! And to borrow the line from the Incredible Hulk series - please don't make me pregnant, you wouldn't like me when I am pregnant.  Some people are all smiles, with shiny skin and an ethereal glide. NOT MEEEE!!! I am an absolute mess. I am a Vomiting Veronica, a Sweaty Susan; a Bloated Barbara, an Unsteady Ursula, an Irritable Irene and a Weepy Wilhelmina. Good news is that I had a healthy baby boy (indeed, the second one)- and we aptly named him Ryan (little king) Ejiroghene (God be praised) Ehimare (God has a hand in our coming to this world) Enekabor. True to type, his slew of nicknames include Baby Ranin and Oroboski.

Fourth: KM has been bombarding my emails with his awesome write ups and his recent one on condoms just blew me away, and made me decide to restart the blog. Hopefully I have enough material to keep going for a long while. (please click on condom link)

Soooo, what else have I been up to?
In the past year,  I  reconnected with two of the best people I have EVER worked with (TM, and UK) in Turkey; celebrated Christmas, New year, our 4th wedding Anniversary, the hubby's birthday, Easter, my birthday and of couse the Bunga's 3rd birthday. 

I also met Mo Abudu at the premiere of Desperate House Wives Africa (and while this does not add any funds to my bank account, permit me to say she called to congratulate me on the birth of Ryan!!- I have both her MTN and Etisalat numbers, so in case you want them... for a small fee...hehehe).

THEN!!! Who can forget the elections and ALL the drama that came with it???? GEJ making that conciliatory phone call, PMB being sworn in, the saga regarding the First Lady's wristwatch, assets declaration, drama in Rivers state, the devaluation of the naira, CBN's policies and of course the latest fines for MTN etc

Indeed it has been a busy, tough but exciting and fruitful year and I am extremely grateful to God for all his blessings.  I hope you also had a great year as well. Would be great to hear from you. 
One thing is for sure. I cannot WAIT to say goodbye to 2015, and welcome in 2016! 

Until then, stay blessed folks!

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