Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Bunga!!!

What??? The bunga is two years old! That is two years. Two full years. I cannot believe that once upon a time, you were an idea... 'An inception' and all we knew about you was that:- 

i) you 'showed ya mama'. I had morning sickness from week 4 of pregnancy to the day you came out. I had the worst insomnia ever. To the point that I would pace the bedroom for hours, unable to sleep. The new phrase in the house was 'I am a woman of few words" because I could not talk anymore. To
the extent that the hubby looked at me on one of the bad days and said' Baby, but you humble sha'.  

This is the Only official picture of Pregnant me. Everything else was unfortunately destroyed ...hehehe
ii) You were in a hurry to come out. You came two weeks early, which was a surprise given that I had planned to start my maternity leave one week to the EDD.  You know what they say about labor. When it hits, ALL you feel is pain. True that.  Let's just say almost 40 hours of 2 mins contractions are enough to wish Eve didn't eat the damned fruit !!  But truth be said, when it is all over, it is so worth it. 

Adrian at birth, giving the world the fist. 
AD, wide eyed at 7 weeks+ 
iii) You are just a bundle of fun and joy. From your classic 'Elmo dance' to your 'Jump like a Kangaroo" moves, to your love for music and rice (my two favorite things by the way);  to your first birthday when finally we all agreed that you have my smile, to the warm hugs you give when I get home from work. Since it is your birthday, I would not talk about your peeing in the bathwater, or flooding the living room because you want to operate the water dispenser, or your vigorous coloring of my sofa with your crayons, and the constant re-arrangement of my makeup drawer. Or the fact that you said 'Dada' first before 'Mummy. No, I will save that for your wedding. You are a special one. 
AD, at one year
AD, at 18 months, just starting school

Aww, the bunga is all 'growed up'. So before I get all teary eyed, I just wanna say: Happy birthday to you my son. May you grow to be a blessing to your generation. 
Happy birthday to you. 
Happy birthday to you. 
Happy birthday dear Bunga
Happy birthday to you!!!

Mummy loves you. Wery Wery Mush. 


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