Friday, August 8, 2014

The Beginning and The End.

Someone smart once said Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End. Which is great if you are going through some challenging times. But when it is the END of your long awaited vacation, you just want to find that smart-ass and stuff his mouth with cotton balls.  Which is not possible, since the phrase has been around since 1702. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, it is true. Vacation is over. I would like to think I accomplished 80% of my to-do list. And to KM, who has been pinging me to check if I rested, permit me to say I did not leave the house today (Thurs Aug 7th). Please do not ask what I was actually doing at home. You know the drill "Ask no questions and you will hear no lies". 

I would like to say I am all brimming with energy and inner zen and looking forward to going back to work. But truth be told, I am freaking out because of the almost 400 emails I would have to go through, and the 'well, we agreed this when you were out on vacation" conversations which I would have to live with for at least six months.  

I am also wary of Ebola. As I wrote on Facebook, when the government puts out a statement that everyone in Nigeria is at risk of this extremely contagious disease, then we all should get worried. Because if it is not contained, at some point, Lagos will have to go on lock-down. To be honest, I am wary of sending the lil one back to school in September if there is no positive news. 

It doesn't help that hand sanitizers have suddenly become extinct. Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Shops have all run out. And when there is scarcity, the fake-dom market thrives. I am told there is a new brand in the market called Ebola Hand sanitizers (no idea if it is true or another lame joke). Add to that this wrong information about bathing with hot water and salt! Tsk tsk. What is important is that we all need to be super uber careful, and yes, go overboard with the best hygiene practices (handwashing with soap and water), and pray, pray, pray for this curse to pass over us.

There is something else that has come to an end as well, which makes me feel quite fulfilled. It is  RECISION, the story.  When I started writing Recision, I had no idea how it would play out. I had no idea if people would like it, and if I would be able to go through all six parts. But the response has been overwhelming. And the experience unforgettable. 

I learnt so much about myself, what inspires me, and how my brain works. Some people think in numbers, others in pictures. I realize I think in stories, and unconsciously, I act them out in my head. When I was younger, I talked to myself a lot. So Ehis would talk to Ehis (or Ehiz), and which Ehis I was depended on my mood or my thoughts. I still do it sometimes, but I am careful to have the conversations in my head, before the hubby freaks out and thinks I am going nuts.  I can just picture the conversation: "my love, who are you talking to?" and I would respond "Oh, just Ehis"
Blood of Jesus!  

I also learnt about people. Everyone was rooting for Tonye and loudly clamoring for Tony's blood. His escapades were immaterial. The MAN code was clear - You do not mess with your friend's wife. 

I wonder what the woman code is. I am not sure I got that clearly. Probably, if there was a strong code, then there won't be mistresses, and girlfriends of married men no?  Well, as all stories go, it ends with a cliff hanger, and we can only speculate what would happen if the women ever got to see each other again. 

They say the first 'book' is always the hardest. So I hope the next 'books' will be easier to write. KM has some great ideas for the book. He talks about syndication etc. I am clueless as usual. So I will make the right encouraging noises and leave him to make Recision famous.

So, since every good thing must have an end, I guess it is time to say (in the words of the King of pop) This Is It. Vacation is over. Recision is over.  Party's Over. As Porky Pig would eloquently put it:"Th-th-th-that's all Folks! 

Welcome back professional world. Be nice to me. Please.

Wishing you all Love, Light and Happiness. Stay safe.



  1. It has been so great visiting your blog every now and then. There's always something new to learn. I love your choice of words. They're well structured that keeps one reading every line till the end and then at the end you which it continues. You're blessed and highly favoured and your book will go places.

  2. I can't say u will be Chimamanda but I can say that you will write best sellers should you choose to. Add that to your leadership and you can influence generations to come with a new school of thought. They say literatures defined civilizations ... The world counts on you

  3. Hmmm... Happy to hear you actually did have one day of "working" from home. Totally agree the little one should stay home until WHO declares this epidemic over.

    The news about the Ebola Hand Sanitizers is true... While shopping for Dispensers and all recently, I actually did see this in the market.

    I doubt that there is a woman you point out, if there was - there wouldn't be so many mistresses, and girls would back-off married men. That is definitely not the case today.

    Recision was awesome for a 'first' book...everything has come together quite nicely. Extremely intriguing plot, fantastic writing, and suspense-filled "chapters". This 'book' is a success already :).

    Happy you enjoyed vacation (at least, this post points to that) :). Looking forward to having you back!

  4. O le laya pupo, ko si nn to buru; O le laya pupo, ko si nn to buru; bobinrin ba loko meji, o di asewo; bobinrin ba loko meji, illegal ni o

    In English: you can have plenty wives, there's nothing bad; you can have plenty wives, there's nothing bad; if a woman has two husbands, she becomes a prostitute; if a woman has two husbands, it is illegal

    Daz all.


  5. No more posts now that you have resumed work *wails*


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