Sunday, August 31, 2014

Of Girls and Drama.

Girls have drama. It is just the way we are wired. Very early on in life, we are dressed in pink, our tiny tufts of hair are forced into tiny braids or puffs with colored rubber bands, our feet forced into dainty bright colored shoes, belts, pop socks, tights, skirts, and of course, the lil dab of lip balm to prevent any dry lips.

We are fussed over by everyone and anyone. We get compliments that we are cute, pretty, lovely. And we grow up believing we must remain the center of attraction and attention every single day in life. And then one day, we realize that the world revolves and rotates without our command.

Girls have drama. I vividly remember in University where there was this big fuss about who needs to say hi first. It got so bad and mean spirited that we had to create the "Law of Greeting": If you come into class, and you meet a group of girls seated already, you have to be the greeter. If on the other hand, a group of girls walked into class, and you are the only one seated, then you have to be the one to say hi first. Net, the 'greeter' always had to be minority while the 'greeted' had to be majority.

I can bet that no guy on earth has ever had to go through such silliness. Today, I cringe in embarrassment when I remember. But for us then, it was THE most important law ever.

Girls have drama. Unfortunately, I cannot give examples from work, because it will cut too close to home but the stories and legend abound of the 3 Macbeth Women. Myself included. Enough said.

Girls have drama. I remember a friend telling me a story of how at work, there was hostility between some women because one felt the other was dating her boss, and she didn't like it. Mind you, both the boss and the lady were single. And the crazy thing was that the women in the office took sides - those that were pro-affair and those that were anti-affair. Of course, stories abound of  female fights because two or more are falling for one handsome hunk.  

Girls have drama. My fingers itch to write about a recent spat that occurred  which can be summarized as women and their wahala. But I promised not to write about it. I gave my word. It is funny, with this blog, people especially female are quite cautious when gisting with me. They say something and immediately follow it with "I hope this will not go into your blog oohhhh". So as a disclaimer, let me make the promise:-  I will not intentionally hurt anyone, male or female with this blog. If I must borrow your story, I would ask for permission.

To be honest, I have never really understood some women. And I still do not. Maybe because  I grew up with my two younger brothers, so we got into all kinds of boyish pranks. Maybe because most of my classmates in University were guys (I read Chemical Engineering). Maybe because all my bosses, mentors and close friends except for a few have been male.

Or maybe because it started way earlier than that. Growing up, my parents didn't overly differentiate between what the different sexes can or cannot do. So while my brothers learnt how to cook and clean and all things considered female territory, the girls learnt how to wash the car, change a light bulb, jumpstart a generator battery, and slaughter chickens, turkeys and the occasional goat for Christmas. 

 On a totally different tangent, ever wondered why we say 'dancing like a headless chicken?'..... well it is because headless chickens DO DANCE!!!! And I have first hand experience. Ok, I won't explain further... hehehehehehehe. 

So maybe my parents did something right- because I think my sisters and I have those skills which we whip out occasionally to amaze our husbands, while still being feminine, delicate and pretty. In my opinion, this is the right balance we need to strike. A mix of strength and softness, determination and delicateness, and a whole lot of no bull-shit ness. 

So what to do with girls and their drama?  Unfortunately in this write up, there is no punchline. Keep telling them how beautiful they are and if you muster enough balls, maybe look them in the eye and tell them how the world rotates every day.  

Just make sure you are far away to avoid the inevitable drama that would follow. 



  1. What more can I say? Damn! u'r such a good writer, and yes ur Absolutely right. Girls love drama!

  2. Lol @ the totally random tangent. And as for us girls and drama...I can only express it in "TUFIAKWA". :-D


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