Saturday, July 19, 2014


Tony didn’t see THAT coming!

As he stood in front of the door, his mind flashed back to the Sherlock Holmes movie where Sherlock and his arch nemesis Professor Moriarty played out all possible scenarios assuming they engaged in a fight. His mind started to race through scenarios:  

“What if Tonye punches me? I can return the punch, and then all hell will break loose. He looks like he has been working out, but I have the height advantage. Sadly, my polo shirt will suffer the damage, but Mama Azuka, my elderly neighbor can get me another one. 

Poor Mama Azuka, How would she feel if she saw me fighting? She probably would run out brandishing her walking stick, shouting Evi Ednah Ogholi’s hit song ‘Stop that fight, you may lose your life' ---- Mind, are you kidding me?”

Ok, what if Tonye punches me and I do not retaliate? Would he take that as a weakness and keep punching me?  How long would I stay calm before I start to punch him back? What if he pulls a gun and tries to shoot me? --- Seriously?"

But wait oh, what if he really tried to shoot me?  I would have to struggle for the gun, and it may just go off.  Honestly, I would just die in peace. But the bullet may hit Tonye instead. OMG. What if he dies?! How will I be able to look Bibi and the kids in the eye? How can I prove it was an accident and not premeditated murder? I would enter police wahala, I could even end up in jail! --- Calm down mind!”

Whichever scenario, Tony knew today was the day, where they would have to decide who gets Bibi. One person will win. And one person will lose.    

Tonye finally broke the painful silence: “Hi traitor, can I come in?”

“I don’t think it is a good idea Tonye. Besides, I was about to go out, I have something urgent to take care of”

“What could be so urgent that you cannot spare time for your best, sorry EX-best friend?  If you can make time to screw my wife, you should at least make time to talk to me no?”

That hurt. A lot. More than he thought it would. So he opened the door and let Tonye in.

Again, another loud deafening silence. He switched off the TV, and then switched it on again. He put on the lights and spent time fiddling with the dimmer.  

Tonye just kept quiet. Saying nothing. Just looking at him. Pain, anger, sadness in his eyes. Desperate to break the silence, Tony asked with a bit of tremor in his voice “do I get you something to drink? The usual coca zero with ice? Or something stronger?”

He didn’t wait for an answer, but poured two single shots of brandy, and on second thoughts, made both of them double. They needed it. 

“Here you go”

Silence again as they sipped their drinks. Anything to warm up the atmosphere in the room.

Tonye finally broke the silence again, his words rushing out “Why would you take away the only thing that mattered to me? We have been best friends forever. I stood by you in your darkest days.  Doesn’t that count for anything? 
Who risked his life to get you out of trouble with the cult boys in final year? 
Who picked you up from your puke and rushed you to the hospital when you OD’ed on sleeping tablets after your parents died?  
Who bailed you out when you bet heavily on the stock market and lost everything?  
What have I done that you would hurt me and the kids this way?”

Tony raised up his head, hoping to find the right words to defend himself. But what he saw once again dried the sounds in his throat.  

Tonye was weeping.

Not the manly 'red misty eye'. Real tears, pouring from his eyes effortlessly, sliding down his cheeks, pooling under his chin. Tonye, arrogant, emotionless Tonye was weeping.   

With each tear, Tony died. He had braced himself for a loud confrontation, a messy fight where they would trade insults and throw threats in true Nollywood fashion (is that a threat? No it is a promise); but nothing prepared him for this. Because when a man cries with no sound, it is more powerful that 10,000 wailing women.

“Tonye, I don’t know what to say – I swear I didn’t start off to seduce Bibi, but she was so scared and broken with the STD diagnosis, I just wanted to take care of her as I promised, but I guess things happened, and hearts and feelings and emotions just came in.  I am sorry, I fell in love with her…”

He knew he was rambling….. but Tonye didn’t respond. He just sat there in stony silence.  

“Tonye, please say something!”

“What do you want me to say Tony? I get it, I suck. I made a mistake, I am a lousy husband. I am not ashamed to say it. I probably don't deserve her. But I made a promise years ago to be with her till death do us part. And it is one promise I want to keep. Counselling, therapy, whatever is needed. I will do it to get her to love me again....  Tony, I am eating humble pie here and begging you; please give me that chance. To get Bibi to rescind her decision to have a divorce. Give me that chance to save my marriage. If you really truly love her, you owe her this chance. If I fail, you can have her.”

Tonye’s plea struck a chord with Tony. He knew Bibi would always have the ‘what if’ thought in her mind – what if she gave up on her marriage too easily?  what if they are not really compatible, and it was all the allure of danger and heady lust?  what if she ended up with regrets? They say life is a gamble, so should he risk it all and fight for Bibi… or should he let go?

His mind replayed images of all the great ‘stolen’ moments with Bibi, but his mind also kept overlaying it with the current images of Tonye weeping.  

The silence continued. With only the sounds of Tonye’s silent tears.  And the clock ticking. 

And as seconds turned into minutes, Tony made his decision. He put down his glass, took a deep breath and spoke to his best friend.  

(........To be continued Friday August 1st, 2014)  


  1. Ghen ghen. It's getting hot in here!

  2. Fantastic story. Just read all in one sitting. Pity we have to wait two weeks for the next installment.

  3. No wonder Bibi left Tonye. He is a half-man. Who cries when they should be beating traitors to a pulp?

  4. Ehizenek oooooooo!!! Since u r vacationing let us not wait till Friday 4 d nxt episode naaaaaaaaaaaaau :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

    U shd make this a book. I swear.


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