Friday, July 11, 2014

RECISION - Redirection

He heard the phone ringing on the bedside table.   

It was her ringtone. He hesitated for a second, trying to decide whether to pick it up, or let it ring out.  He decided to risk it.  “Hey pumpkin, I am kinda busy right now… his voice trailed off as he grasped her faint words….…"What happened? Listen, its ok, everything will be fine. I am coming over now”

His mind raced in all directions as he replayed the extremely brief call – "Tonye knows”.

What does he know? How much does he know? How did he find out? But most importantly, what did it mean for them?

One thing was sure – he had to get out of the house FAST. He could see her in his mind’s eye – sitting on the bed, clutching the phone tightly, trying hard not to crack under the strain. He felt it in her voice – her usually musical voice had a tinge of sadness that just broke his heart.

"Tonye knows”

He didn't see that coming at all. He had just dropped her off at home, and they shared a lingering kiss, making their usual 'if-then' plans for the weekend. IF Tonye goes out, THEN we can have lunch on Sunday. At the back of his mind, he knew he was taking a risk, kissing her so close to her gate, but it was very dark, they were in the car, no one could see them. At least, so he thought. 

His thoughts froze for a second. Was Tonye watching them from the window? Was he the shadowy figure that appeared to be lurking around the neighbor’s house?  How did he get her to tell him?  Did he yell at her? Did he become violent? 
The thought of that made it hard to breathe. “If he touches Bibi, I swear I will kill him!”

‘Tony, who are you killing?”. The question shook him out of his trance. He totally forgot he had his office team in his living room, working on a sales pitch for one of their biggest clients. He had invited them over for last minute fine-tuning. 

A crazy bunch they were: Ese, the young and smart account executive, with the geek glasses and eccentric dressing, Larry, the sales manager, always dressed in black, and of course Sesan, the financial analyst otherwise known as the wanna-be girlfriend. He used to joke to Bibi that Sesan probably had his picture in her bedroom, under her pillow – until Bibi called him out for toying with her emotions and how he ‘needed to be a man’ and tell her he was not interested. Of course it made sense now why Bibi was so touchy, but back then he found it quite amusing.   

“Hey guys, I am so sorry, but we have to cut short this meeting, as something urgent came up.”

"You haven't answered my question - who are you gonna kill? And what is this about something urgent? I thought you didn't have a life outside work?" Sesan asked, with a mischievous smirk playing across her lips.

“Hahaha Sesan, abeg give my guy a break.” Larry replied, gathering his sheets. “We can always finish up on Monday.”  

“But Tony, Sesan interrupted, "we have not aligned costing, and I am worried that we may not be ready…” 

Just as he was about to respond, Ese cut in. "Its OK guys! I can flesh out the plans behind each strategy with investments dates and gates. We can meet Monday pm to align costings"

“Great!! Ese, you are a lifesaver as usual.” Tony said, as he opened the door, “Ok guys, thanks a lot and have a great weekend.

He said quick goodbyes, shut the door and simultaneously started rummaging through his trousers for his car keys.

He had to get to Bibi quickly.  He tried so hard to be calm in the last few minutes, but every minute he spent at home meant she was alone. He almost lost it when Sesan kept bringing up excuses not to leave. It was a good thing he kept his cool! That’s why he preferred to work with Ese. She was very little drama and more work. Sesan on the other hand was the drama queen.  

He used to be like that – sharp mouthed drama Tony. He guessed it came from having to compensate being the smallest kid in secondary school, until he had a growth spurt in University and then became one of THE tallest guys, with the biceps, rapid beard growth and of course the obvious good looks.  

Of course, with the stress of work and the limited exercise regimen, he didn't look at trim and taut as he used to, but he was not bad at all for a 38 year old. His friends jokingly called him Pharrell, not because of any resemblance, but because like Pharrell, it appeared he just didn't age.

“Drat, where the hell did I drop my keys?” He was getting somewhat frantic now, as he searched through his pockets. He checked his laptop bag, the table, the kitchen.  And then, his eyes caught a striped handkerchief tucked neatly in the corner of his sofa. It was Sesan’s. She probably left it there so she would have an excuse to come back to his house. Maybe she even took his keys as well!

Angrily, he dashed to his room and picked up phone. As he started typing her number, he heard someone knocking at the door!  He was so sure it was Sesan, of course with a well-rehearsed story of how the keys magically appeared in her purse.
He raced to the door and yanked it open, ready to yell at her.

The sounds dried up in his throat.  

It was not Sesan at the door........

It was Tonye. 

[To be continued on Friday, July 18th ...]


  1. Wow! I hope these guys don't break each others noses.

  2. Hehehehehehe but that sesan gal tho

  3. Looool..thx 4 sharing K. Was well worth all your hype lol.

  4. exactly what I expected. if i was tonye i would drive to his house and beat the hell out of his body. tonye needs to beat some sense into this idiots head. how do you cheat with your besties wife? its just pointless to do such. what is your business if hes sleeping with prostitutes. shes his wife. rather he should have told her what her husband was up to. tonye must beat sense into him.

    1. Lol. What's with all the violence? What kind of movies have you been seeing ;)

    2. koye tell me you wouldnt break his head if it was your wife.

  5. This is very nice. Thanks for sharing such nice writing with the world.

  6. It is friday july 18 .... we are waiting ;)


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