Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On Vacation

I am on vacation. For the first time in a long time, I do not have to wake up 5 am, hurriedly say prayers, wrestle the lil one off my back so he can also get ready for school, get dressed in the dark (so I don't have to wake the hubby up--- you see I am a very considerate and caring wife, hehehe), bundle ourselves into the car by 6:30 am, dash off to Ikeja GRA to drop him off at playschool, win another wrestling episode to get him out of the car and into his teacher's arms, turn around, beat the nasty traffic to get to work by 7:30am, grab a bottle on water as I dash up the stairs, take my medication, dart to the restroom, slap on the war paint makeup, straighten my clothes, swipe any baby drool, wear my shoes and then tastefully glide to my desk with my early morning smile, which some fearless soul tells me it is a cross between a grimace and a snarl.  PHEW! 

Thankfully, I have Esther, aka Estee-loo, our nanny from Ghana who has been with me since Adrian was 4 months, and of course, the super efficient Wale, the driver aka my first born son. 

It is a frequent joke among the two of them, Wale is my first born, Esther is my second child, and Adrian is the 3rd. Together, we are one big happy family. We operate in some loose form of democracy. Decisions are taken collectively, especially when it concerns the lil one. And then, each is given the freedom to execute at their own will during the week. It is quite unique, I tell you. 

So far, we have visited three families who recently had babies (Strike that off the list), I have purchased sweaters for the lil one (strike 2), outstanding payments have been done (strike 3).  I have made 10 long over due phone calls to family and friends (strike 4). My head is brimming with things to accomplish, so I can strike it off my frightfully long list. 

The hubby cannot understand it. I am supposed to be on vacation, but I am awake by 6 am, sprinting to the study, turning on my computer, or updating my list,  or calling someone, or doing the laundry or rearranging my wardrobe (the bags go thataway, the shoes go thataway). He calls it insanity. I call it excitement (tinged with a lil bit of OCD). 

Granted, I should be in some island, wearing next to nothing, getting a tan, and sipping on some cool fruit drink.  I promise I will do that soon. But having worked non stop since I came back from maternity leave early 2013, I just have too many things to do.  And I am thankful for this much needed break to actually accomplish the wife and mother part of my life. 

So, as I demolish an unfortunate apple for breakfast, I glance once again at my ever growing vaykay list and mentally prepare for another long exciting day! Sleeping is over-rated anyway! 

Have a great week folks! 



  1. Wow. I had forgotten how excellently you write. This was funny,yet real. Corny,yet down to earth. Thanks for inspiring me. Will return to my fb blog :D. P.S. Don't forget to include me on your list. Chao

  2. Phew! The amazing part to me is how many things you accomplish before, day-out. Now, this is inspiring!

  3. hoping your vacays mean more blogposts for us

  4. i love love love ur blog! remembering our school days and coding language ;)


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