Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tired Incredible Hulk.......

I am tired. Not like charming tired, a lil bit tired but real tired tired. Tired.
I had a crazy week. The lil one was fighting a bout of infection, so it meant late night trips to the hospital, cleaning up after frequent puke episodes and all night wipe downs to crash a 38+C fever.

Add to that some regional visitors at work which meant long meetings and tiring brainstorming sessions.

Add to that an impromptu trip out of Lagos for personal reasons.

Add to that the World Cup, which turns every Nigerian man into a fanatic.

I wonder how many of us were so happy when the boyfriend said that he was not a football fan/not so interested in football/and wham! Fast-forward to some months post marriage and the drama surrounding the DSTV remote started until you admitted defeat and got a second TV in the bedroom.

Truth be told, football also does bring out the gentleman in every guy;

As soon as the match is about to start, he gently reminds you how late it is, and how important a good night sleep is for you and the baby. In other words- go upstairs now for your own good because I am going to turn into a football werewolf, screaming for 90 mins straight, snacking on anything in sight-including your precious grapes as fuel for the endless screaming. It is like re-living your childhood memory of the famous Incredible Hulk: 'Mr McGee, don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I am angry'.

Don't get me wrong, its not like I dislike football. I just get bored. So I watch it on Facebook- if you check in every 20 mins or so, you will know that Spain scored first, and Netherlands scored 5 goals, there is a goalkeeper called Castilles (or something) who apparently people wanted his downfall, the Brazil-Chile match had an own goal, as well as a penalty and if you are still unhappy, Brazil scored 3 goals to prove that penalty or not, they deserved to win.

So why spend time watching the match, when Facebook comments summarize it so perfectly? That way, everyone is happy.

In any case I console myself it will be over soon, and then some brief respite until UEFA, La Liga or some football thingy comes up.

So, back to the lil one. Been in the hospital all morning. We just got the results of his blood work and X-ray and all is well- thanks to God.

So hopefully, I can get the much needed sleep.
Because a woman who doesn't sleep is just like the Hulk- green and angry.

Bon weekend folks.



  1. Now i see why you disappeared so early on Friday. It was so unusual that one can tell something is happening. My Get-Well Soon message to him. On the football tried sha but the feeling is not just the same as reading comments. In fact that might be the beginning of a TV War!!!

  2. Was wondering where you went on Friday too... I hope he gets well soon and is back to his smiling self quickly.

    I hope you plan to see the Nigeria match tomorrow :). You just might adopt watching football as a new hobby if we win in spectacular fashion...

  3. So interesting. You got the score line of Brazil first game but it wasn't against Chile. It was Brazil Vs Croatia.

    1. Thanks! Croatia, Chile... sounds the same to me:-)


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