Friday, June 27, 2014

RECISION- Reflection

He slammed the door behind him with such force that the windows rattled and the room vibrated. she shuddered, not from the cold but from pent up emotion. 

In a way, it had gone as she planned, but in a way, it didn't. She had never planned to tell him about Tony, - wanting to buy some time, until they could break the news together. They had rehearsed it word for word until it sounded perfect, less threatening, more pleas than insults...

She shivered again, and reached for her favorite housecoat, the one with the sprinkling of flowers in soft luscious pink... the one Tony had given her for her birthday last year. Just wearing it made her feel better, calmer.  

Maybe she should have worn it before the confrontation... Maybe it would have forced her to control her outburst. What was she thinking?? Blurting out Tony's name! Maybe in some way, she wanted to hurt him just as much as he hurt her? 

How could he have sex with a stripper? Did he think she wouldn't know? It was all over him - the smell of lurid cigarette smoke, cheap perfume and of course unwashed bodies post sex. Sigh. He probably thought he could disguise it by jumping into the shower immediately, but his clothes also reeked of it. Did he think she was that naive?
She remembered asking Tony: “What's going on? Is there something I should know?”  He was always a bad liar, swearing by heaven and earth that everything was fine.... But his eyes, those big brown liquid gold eyes gave him away.

It was Tony she called when she started having extreme pains in her abdomen, after she could not reach Tonye. 

It was Tony that rushed her to the hospital, holding her hand as she walked with unsteady steps into the consultation room.

It was Tony that waited for her in the the hospital corridor, concern and worry etched all over his face:- “What did the Doctor say....... Bibi, tell me, what's going on?”

It was Tony she fell on, sobbing uncontrollably, her arms wrapped tight round his waist, fighting to get the words out- she had Chlamydia; a ‘silent’ but dangerous infection, which needed an aggressive treatment of a cocktail of antibiotics.

She had mumbled in the doctor's office- “how can this happen? I have only one sexual partner, my husband. Where could I possibly get an STD from?”

Just as the words tumbled out of her mouth, her mind flashed back to that night when she knew he cheated on her. It was Tonye, cheating husband Tonye, who did this to her.  That was when she broke down. Crying. For the diagnosis. Her worst fears confirmed. Crying. For her naivety. For his selfishness.

She felt Tony tighten his grip on her, and heard him speak in painful gasps- “I am so sorry Bibi, I am so sorry.”

Somehow, she forced herself to raise her head, tears still streaming down her face- to look into his eyes. Immediately she knew he knew. 

“Tony, how could you? You knew Tonye was cheating on me and you didn't say a word. I asked you, strike that, I begged you to tell me the truth, and you swore everything was fine….  I thought you were my friend too.”   She struggled to extricate herself from his grasp - “Let go of me. Don't touch me. Get away from me.”

She felt Tony struggle to get his words out “Bibi, please don't do this. I am so sorry, let's focus on what we need to do to get you better. We will get through this....I promise you.”

Was it at that moment that she made up her mind to get even?

Was it at that moment, the seed of getting back at Tonye with his best friend was planted in her heart?

Or was it because for the first time in a long time, despite the fear, she felt safe as he enveloped her in his huge but gentle arms, mumbling soothing words and wiping her tears.

One thing was for sure. That was the day everything changed. And the whirlwind of a relationship started.  

He would drive down to her office and take her to the hospital, for her weekly antibiotic shots. Then they would have lunch. Sometimes in a restaurant, sometimes they would have take-outs, which they would eat in his car, listening to music streaming from the radio, chatting about everything and nothing.

He would call her in the evening, just to check up on how she was doing, and she would fill him in on her office gist and politics, and he would tell her about his wanna-be girlfriends at work.

He sent her the biggest bouquet of flowers on her birthday; with the cutest little card that read ‘for Bibi, the beautiful’, as well as a voucher for a full pampering session in her favorite spa.

Then the countless movie nights, where they would eat super sugary popcorn and mock-argue if Lupita really deserved an Oscar and why she had a huge crush on Chris Hemsworth. 

She told herself he was just being nice. And she tried to control her emotions when she was around him, especially when Tonye was around.

But she failed miserably when one night, as he dropped her off, he kissed her. It started out as a simple, innocent kiss on her cheek, but somehow their lips met. And by the time they both came up for air, she knew. She loved him.  And he loved her. 

That night, they decided to take it in small steps. First step: break the news to Tonye. Gently. Indeed.

She sighed, shaking herself from her reverie, picked up her housecoat which had somehow slipped off her shoulders, and reached for her phone. Of course, he was on speed dial. And as she waited for the line to connect, she cleared her throat in anticipation of what she would say.

”Hello Tony………. Its Bibi…..…. Tonye knows. 

[To be continued on Friday, July 18th ...]


  1. Where is our story? Give us our story!!!

    1. Apologies, I will post this Friday part 3:-)

  2. I love....scary but true. Pls when is the next???

  3. Just started reading this... This is lovely!


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