Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joy comes in the Morning- Tribute to Udeme Akan (1978-2009)

(L-R: Udeme (RIP), Patricia, Ehis, Moki)

A songwriter once said "Pain is the gift no body longs for, still it comes".

The good news is that he goes on to say "Somehow it leaves us stronger when its gone away"

We recently experienced a loss... one that is as shocking as it is saddening. A young lady, full of life, said her goodbyes at work on Friday, and that was it. We all went to work on Monday. I was in South Africa, when I got the chilling news- She is gone. Her name was Udeme.

She taught me the phrase "eye candy" and boy, did we use it a lot!. I exported the phrase with me, to Geneva- it has become quite a hit.

She introduced me to her hairdresser- and we pretty much joked about how expensive the hair dresser was, but when your hairdresser takes regular vacations in the UK, then who are you to complain?

She told us she was a good cook, and true to type, we pretty much rolled our eyes in disbelief. How can such a babe be a good cook? So she took the dare and brought to work the biggest bowl of soup ever, for all the doubting Thomases to try.

She called me up few months ago to bounce some ideas she had regarding an important product relaunch. We spent 45 mins on business and much more on general "gossip"

She buzzed me recently to joke about my response to an email sent to the entire organization regarding the "gym" in the Lagos office. We had a bellyaching laugh.

She sent out an email that same Friday about a new project she was working on. The last words on the email were something along the lines of "watch this space”.

What a loss. My heart goes out to her family, to her friends, colleagues, and all who knew her.

My mother always used to say if something happened- pray that the lesson you are supposed to learn from this event does not pass you by. Now I am not going to list all we are supposed to learn with this tragedy, because we know them already - live life to the fullest, reach out and touch, bear no grudges, have no enemies, be heaven ready; love one another.

As we comfort her close friends and family, let us look inwards and mend fences where needed, spread love even if un-reciprocated and look beyond this life to a place where there will be no more sorrow, sighing or weeping.

I hope the song below brings comfort to us in this trying time - Hold on my child; joy comes in the morning.

If you have knelt besides the rubble, of an aching broken heart

and the things you gave your life to fell apart;
you are not the first to be acquainted with sorrow, grief or pain
but the master promised sunshine after the rain.

Hold on my child, joy comes in the morning

Weeping only lasts for a night
Hold on my child, joy comes in the morning.
The darkest hour means dawn in just in sight. 

Rest in Peace 'Eye candy'.

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