Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joy comes in the Morning- Tribute to Udeme Akan (1978-2009)

(L-R: Udeme (RIP), Patricia, Ehis, Moki)

A songwriter once said "Pain is the gift no body longs for, still it comes".

The good news is that he goes on to say "Somehow it leaves us stronger when its gone away"

We recently experienced a loss... one that is as shocking as it is saddening. A young lady, full of life, said her goodbyes at work on Friday, and that was it. We all went to work on Monday. I was in South Africa, when I got the chilling news- She is gone. Her name was Udeme.

She taught me the phrase "eye candy" and boy, did we use it a lot!. I exported the phrase with me, to Geneva- it has become quite a hit.

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